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The Way to Manage Your Money Wisely

Some people are having difficulty to manage their money. As the result, it seems that they don’t get anything from their monthly salary. On the other hand, if you can manage your salary well you can reach your dream a little bit easier than before. The good news is that you can start to manage your money for better future. Just ask a help from expert financial administrators. To make it easier, Halifax helps you to find the best financial administrators. It is very important because there are several things you can do to manage your money. For example, you can take insurance program.

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Managing Business Risk Through Business Transaction Management

3dfd0c1Business risk comes in many forms, but one of the most costly involves transaction delays. When a B2B firm handles orders worth millions, orders that run slowly or are lost have the potential in any economy to put pressure on a business’ solvency. This is why business transaction management or more precisely monitoring (BTM) is such an important component of any business risk management plan.

What is business transaction monitoring? Business transaction monitoring, referred to by the Gartner Group in their APM Magic Quadrant as transaction profiling, is the dimension of application performance management (APM) that focuses on the two types of transactions common in business-IT transactions and business transactions. Business transactions are comprised of a series of IT transactions.

How do typical business transactions work? The transaction might be an order update. For that update to execute correctly, the update order must occur in a specific sequence across many Java,.NET, and database applications. As the update order interacts with each IT entity, the required function at that endpoint must execute correctly.

These transactions execute in micro-seconds, so detection of any breaks in proper transaction flow would be impossible to detect in the early stages without software that has the power to track these transactions. In order for business transaction monitoring to be truly useful, it must also give business the ability to evaluate business transaction performance (BTP).

BTP, then, tells you what happened through transactional monitoring, how the observed performance compared to expectations described in a Service Level Agreement (SLA), and why it happened through operational monitoring. It takes all three pieces of information to reduce business risk.

Business transaction performance monitoring provides early warning. The sooner a business has actionable information that detects a potential problem in its transaction flows, the more likely that business will be able to deal with the problem before it begins to impact their customer. When a problem arises in an IT transaction flow, the IT department has the diagnostics already in hand to address the issue promptly and efficiently.

The reason the diagnostics are already in hand is that business transaction monitoring is a proactive technology. Rather than waiting until problems blow up, The complex event processing (CEP) engine scans all transactions for patterns that could indicate that a “business abnormal” situation is developing. This saves a business considerable stealth waste, because many of the inefficient transactions that are overlooked without a business transaction performance monitor, become consistently addressable. Processes that are often considered impossible to address because they aren’t visible can be resolved because BTM provides the necessary visibility.

Business transaction monitoring conserves resources. While it is commonly believed that a shortage of resources such as too little network bandwidth, a lack of memory, slow and/or undersized disk, or inadequate CPU are the cause of transaction problems, BTM reveals another story. Rather many transaction failure to execute correctly are due to a logic error or similar “normal accident”. These errors can occur after a data-cleansing event for example. The transaction follows a pathway that dead-ends. Mission critical applications may fail.

The value of using business transaction monitoring (BTM) is that these dead-ends are caught before the help desk is flooded with angry customers asking, “Where is my order?” There is no question that an angry customer will expend more energy tarnishing a company’s business reputation that a happy one will expend in trying to help a company get more business. With BTM in place, a business lowers its risk proactively.

A business that isn’t transitioning immediately from one crisis to the next will find employees more productive and customer confidence enhanced. These two factors alone will help conserve company resources. Preventing crisis events will also conserve resources by minimizing overtime costs to repair a problem that has “blown up.” Business transaction monitoring for performance of each customer and in-house transactions is a sound investment that will pay for itself in the savings generated each year.

The right BTM software provides both financial and manufacturing businesses with the information needed to remain competitive within the marketplace as well as compliant to Government regulations for these industries. Learn how business transaction performance software could help your business perform better in any economy. Nastel Technologies, Inc. has prepared a white paper on this subject, BTP: Proactive Prevention & Visibility, which will help you make an informed decision about the value of adding this software solution to your business IT applications.

Business Transaction Problem Prevention – The Key Is Complex Event Processing

There is no question that composite applications that are highly transactional and the environments they execute in have become increasingly complex. This complexity is a formula for business transaction problems with the powerful potential to bring business to a complete stop. It can all start from something small, and end up cascading into mission critical failure.

What is complex event processing?

According to Forrester, one of the leading technology research firms in the U.S., complex event processing (CEP) is “a software infrastructure that can detect patterns of events (and expected events that didn’t occur) by filtering, correlating, contextualizing, and analyzing data captured from disparate live data sources to respond as defined using the platform’s development tools.”

These events in a business context are typically transactions and other processes which drive the business. The sheer volume is beyond comprehension. A large investment bank may process more than 87,500 postings per second. What the transactions represent may change from industry to industry, but the need for 360° situational awareness, with end-to-end visibility is essential to prevent business transaction problems.

This is where the four functions of a carefully developed CEP engine become important. Each one of these functions supports business transaction problem prevention.

Filtering Function of Complex Event Processing

Transactions flow into a CEP engine from multiple, unrelated data sources. Some information has no value while some is vital. The CEP must have the ability to aggregate and filter. The filters may be temporal, historical, and/or computational.

Correlating Function of Complex Event Processing

As data is collected, the CEP engine records every touchpoint for each data packet. Access to this information is useful in itself, but CEP goes further. It begins to correlate time metrics with data metrics. This enables the detection of emerging business transaction problems.

Contextualizing Function of Complex Event Processing

Contextualizing refers to the ability of a CEP engine to infer potential results from related but indirectly connected data. For example, the CEP may be able to identify a security breach because a transaction originates from an unexpected location. Or an economic event may be identified as a potential problem for supply chain management. The value of this feature is the additional support it provides management in the decision making process.

Data Analyzing Function of Complex Event Processing

This feature of complex event process is essential to businesses that handle a high volume of low-latency applications. It is another facet of CEP that drives automated problem alerts.

The Complex Event Processing Response Function

To provide the ultimate value, a CEP engine must go beyond the ability to respond to data in a predefined way established by the platform’s development tools. It needs to be able learn from the data if filters, correlates, contextualizes and analyzes and go a step further. It should have the ability to automatically recognize the patterns that predict a business impacting problem and prevent it via automated action. In this way, the problem will never reoccur.

Nastel’s AutoPilot business transaction management software has been developing this capability for over 10 years.

According to Forrester Research, Nastel’s integration of the AutoPilot complex event processing (CEP) engine with its application performance management software is one of the best CEP designs in the marketplace today. AutoPilot is a solution for stopping business transaction problems worth considering.

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